My fingers feel strange...

Jyll sat in the corner, trying to sink as far back into it as she could. Still shocked from the incounter with the Thing, she tried to clear her mind, to not think about what happed. This proved to be extreamly hard, espescialy with her fingers flying around the room.  She stared over at the Thing, wich stared back at her with a mixture of malice, guilt, and pity. Looking away, as she could't bear it's cold star, she focesd on Beba. He was in the oposit corner, shakeing the smallest bit. She thought about going to hug him, but he looked like he would snap at the next person who came to him.  After watching one of her fingers do a loop-di-loop in the air for a few moments, Jyll looked down at her hands, and tryed flexing her new fingers made of fire.  She could use them just like her old fingers, clenching them and picking things up with them, but they felt so odd. They were as wieghtless as air, and although she could use them they did not really feel atached.  It would definetly take time to get use to them.  

The End

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