Watching Her Watch It

Flamara's eye's didn't leave that Halfling for very long after she sat by the fire. Her eyes would flicker round the room, then back to It. That's what I personally nicknamed Ara. It. Because It was so interesting, according to Flamara. 'Maybe she's drawn to It's evil aura.' I thought. The Thing ( with no arms) had taken the girl's fingers. They we floating around the room, while the little girl had fire fingers.

Deep in my heart, I knew that Ara wasn't really evil. He had saved that little girl from having her whole arm taken away, and now as his eyes flicked around the room, he was watching for anyone who came near the Thing, ready to get them away, to save them.

But what had Flamara done when she went into that dark corner of his? I wondered. Why?

The End

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