I need some answers...

Corby needed some answers. She didn't understand anything, why she was locked here, why there were so many characters around her that were so unique and spectacular. She needed to talk to someone, someone who would understand...

A man caught her eye, who wasn't interacting with anyone in the room, and sat quietly by the fire place, staring into its blaze. He looked around at everyone and caught her stare, so Corby quickly looked away then looked back up to see him walking into the kitchen.

"I'm going to go see if there are any marshmallows...be right back," Corby said to Kathryn, slowly getting upand taking her cocoa and icecream with her. Slowly walking through the huddle of many people towards the kitchen. She opened the swinging door, and the man turned.

"Hello," Corby smiled at the man but he slowly turned back to sturring his tea, "Did I intrude?" Corby asked in wonder.

"No, of course not, I was just...dying for a cup of tea," He chuckled quietly to himself and Corby smiled.

"Do you have children? Or maybe even a family?"

"Yes," He turned and smiled.

"Tell me about them, tell me everything."

The End

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