I ran to the little girl, and touched her hand. Three of her fingers were near her head. I tried to snatch at them, but the drifted away whenever I tired to touch one. I sighed at the little girl, and I then made a snake of fire curl around the girl's wrist. it split into three, looking like fiery finger, which they now were for the girl.

I looked up in awe at Ara. His anger terrified me, yet I watched. He put that monster down, and stalked off. I followed Ara into his dark corner. He growled slightly when I came close. I felt sparky tears drip from my cheeks.  I drew close.  "I know you were protecting us, even if now one else admit it that that thing is evil."

I wiped a 'tear' away from my eye. I touched Ara's cheek, and he flinched. I lent over, and kissed his forehead. I touched my fingers to his cheek, then left, and sat back next to Sealantus, who looked curiously at me. I had forgotten  to ask him about the mark with all of the excitement. I glanced over my shoulder to see Ara touching his forehead, where I had kissed him.

Sealantus hmmphed grumpily. "What is with you?" I asked him irritated. He shrugged. I rolled my eyes, and went back over to the girl. She was the one who I had talked to the most. She was staring at her fiery fingers with large eyes. I whispered to her, "I admire Ara...Beba. He is brave. He protects." The little girl nodded happily. I adjusted the little girl's crown. In her little speac bubble, word that seemed too old to be hers said, "Beba is brave as lion. You are brave and kind as lioness and bluebird."

I laughed slightly at this, and the girl touched her fiery fingers to my face. She looked like she was worried. She touched a finger to my lips. "Be careful Flamey, Beba is strong and brave and angry as lion." I frowned slightly at this, then picked up the child, and placed her next to Sealantus. I sat next to the fire, leaning my head on the place, glancing over at Ara. Across the room, our eyes met.

The End

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