Moving Map.

What do I look like, a rabbit?" The creature retorted.

Ugh... sarcasm.

I stepped back involuntarily has he growled at me, and just then someone else burst through the door.

"We've got another human in the house!" Some one called out, and I thought, human? Does this mean that there's a serious lack of humans in this place?

I'm human. I'm so human it's weird.

The horned thing laughed with the newcomer, and I became slightly bitter. Oh, so when I ask a simple question like 'what are you?' it gets immediately offended, does it? But when someone... well, she didn't exactly do anything wrong, I guess. But still!

Oh, God. I'm being a teenager again, aren't I?

Someone came over and offered me and the girl a hand.

"Grab a chair, it seems we are all in the proccess of arriving and working this place out." I heard rather than saw the girl, who was probably only about a year younger than me, press against the door. "You can't get out. None of us can."

Like I didn't know that already.

Then, my urgent need to go to the bathroom began to make itself known again.

"Umm, excuse me?" I said timidly to a man who appeared to have slightly blue skin. He was staring intently at a woman who was watching a little girl, but turned to look at me when I spoke to him. "Please could I borrow your bathroom?"

He simply pointed to a map on the coffee table infront of the warm fire. I thanked him awkwardly and went to view the map of what seemed to be the entire house.

I studied it intensely for a moment, looking at all of the tiny corridors. It had been hard to tell in the darkness and rain outdoors, but the house seemed far larger on the inside, according to this map, than on the outside.

I was astonished to see my name on the map, right beside a diagram of the fireplace. I bent forward to look closer and saw what must be the names of all the people around me.

This isn't weird at all. Wow, heavy sarcasm, there.

As someone called Leigh moved about in the kitchen, next to a guy named Geoff, I realised for the second time that this wasn't any normal place. The map was extremely similar to that 'Marauder's Map' from Harry Potter, or whatever it was called.

I finally located the 'W/C' logo on the map, and stood up to head in the direction of the stairs.

I stopped dead in my tracks when a floating exclamation sign appeared above a little girls head, while she looked, horrorstruck, at her fingers flying away from her.

Turning my head away, I snapped my mouth shut after realising it had been hanging open with shock, and continued to the stairs.



The End

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