Join the Party!

Corby stared down at her skinny legs that were covered in stripy tights, she was thirteen, she still couldn't believe she dressed like this. The one with the horn introduced her.

"Guys, we have another human. Corby Dreamer, say hi everyone," The horn person walked over to a sofa and sat on it. Corby smiled sheepishly and nodded to everyone. A girl stood up who was a lot older and prettier than corby.

"It's good to meet you Corby, sit down, join the party!" The girl pulled up a chair next to her and Corby smiled and walked over, sitting in it. 

"Is it someones birthday then?" Corby asked in wonder.

"No!" The girl laughed, "It's just like a party, not really a party, like a...meeting? I've confused myself..." Corby laughed.

"I understand, don't worry."  Corby looked around at everyone chatting and laughing and occasionally smiling at her, she'd seen nothing like it. She had never fitted in well with anyone until now. She felt like this is where she belonged.

The End

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