My Fingers!!!

Jyll clung to Ara's leg and watched as the armless girl was draged to a spot near a chair. she looked at her for a moment, and feelt a deep evil imside her. Although the armless girl frightend her, she would not let go of her Beba. Sleepily she nealt next to his chair, as this had been a hectic day. Jyll drifted of to sleep.  She awoke an hour or so later and yealped, or bubble yelped, because something seamed to be riping at her arm. As she looked at the armless girl, she realised the armless girl was awake and a shimmering blue beam was coming out of her side, reaching for jylls arm. Ara relised what was going on, and with a start pulled jyll back, but to late to save three fingers, wich hoverd at the armless girl's side..... 

The End

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