More arrivals

The room seemed a little bigger than it was when I was last in here. I suspected it was because there were more arrivals.

"Ara?" I raised an eyebrow and glanced down at the child attached, then back to Ara again.

"Don't ask me. Shes called me beba."

"What on earth is a beba?"

"How am I meant to know!"

I shook my head, stepped over the unconcious armless girl and tried to remove the child. She wouldn't budge, she just kept yelling "Beba!" Well not so much yelled as bubble-wrote.

Another girl stood by the door. As well as somone who didn't seem to be phased by any of us.

"Elira" I offered my hands out to them both. "Grab a chair, it seems we are all in the proccess of arriving and working this place out." The girl steped backward and pressed herself against the door. "You can't get out. None of us can." I turned back to Ara. The child still didn't move so I occupied my time dragging the armless girl out of the way. It was difficult considering I could only move her by her feet. Ara sat on a chair besides where she lay, child still attached to leg. Waiting incase she woke up.

The End

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