Corby Dreamer

Corby ran through the rain up to the large house, shaking. She shivered and rubbed at her arms.

"Darn rain!" She shook her fist up at the sky and ran under the porch to stay dry. She had been going for a walk when it started to rain and she needed somewhere to stay dry. 

Right...uh...shall I knock on the door?Would I be being rude?

Corby contemplated for a while, sitting lent up against the door and thinking about whether to knock or to wait until the rain stops and walk home.

Suddenly the door jerked open, and Corby fell backwards. 

"We've got another human in the house!" A voice called. Corby quickly stood up, ringing her hair out and dusting herself. 

"Hey...uh...It's raining out there, do you mind If I come in? I'm Corby by the way, Corby Dreamer." Corby smiled at the creature with a horn, not seeming at all bothered by the fact it wasn't human.

"Good to meet you Corby Dreamer!" The alien laughed.

The End

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