A Sudden Bang

A sudden bang made me jump. I shut the fridge door and walked over to the microwave, which appeared to be what had made the noise. There was another bang, and another, and then another.

Then all was silent.

I looked at the microwave. It looked back.

No, it didn't have eyes. I thought back to a book I had read all those years ago.


Is there such thing as Sapient Microwaves?

I watched in amazement as it sprouted legs and walked off.

"Hang on," I said. "Do you think .... do you think, an author is writing this? Do you think that someone's writing the Hideout?" This was a breakthrough. I was told it was the only place characters could go to be away from Authors.

"Do you think ... do you think, there's a Mega-Author out there, who's writing this?"

And who likes Terry Pratchett, I added in my head.

The microwave turned and looked at me. Without any eyes.

The End

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