Utter Confusion

Ara jumped when he felt the girl hug him. He looked down, about to ask her what she was doing, when a second figure entered the room. It took one look at him and turned ashen white, stammering:

"W..what are you?"

Ara jumped, an involuntary snarl escaping him as he spotted the new arrival.

"What do you think I am, a rabbit? You can see clearly what I am." he snapped sarcastically.

The human took several steps backwards, evidently scared by Ara's agressive snapping. Ara glared at it, he'd had enough of having to face off opponents and was, by now, not only edgy but very confused.

Forcing himself to keep calm, he looked down at the girl hanging onto him and cocked his head to one side in a bemused expression. What the heck had suddenly inspired her to hug him like that?

And, more confusing still,  what in the baka was a Beba?




The End

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