Stop the Car!

I stumbled through the rain, looking for a suitable bush in the middle over no where.

My mum had just stopped the car after I screamed at her that I was going to wet myself if I didn't go to the bathroom soon, but I didn't want to go without having something to hide behind.

Some square-shaped lights in the distance caught my eye. It was obvious that the light was coming from some windows in a house.

Looking over my shoulder at the car idling on the mud track, I saw my mum, illuminated my the car-light, sitting in the drivers seat, applying lip-stick in the rearview mirror, while my two younger brothers fought in the back.

I doubted very much that they would be missing me any time soon, so I began to run towards the house. A proper toilet is better than a bush anyday.

When I arrived at the door, I knocked quietly, politely. I waited a few minutes before I decided that no one was going to answer, and then knocked louder.

When no one answered a second time, I gently pushed against the handle-less door, bemused when it swung wide open without any resistance.

I could hear hushed voices from within, and I stepped gingerly towards the sound of them.

Apparently, no one had heard me come through the door, because the 'conversation' continued. The sound of it was muffled, but I was sure that a low growl had been emmitted.

I took another step inside the warm house, aware that I was dripping rainwater onto the thick carpet.

The door slammed shut behind me.

I spun round in horror, pulling and scratching at the door, but, of course, there was no handle and I couldn't find anything to hold onto to pull it towards me.

Sighing in resignation, I slumped towards the sound of the voices. No one noticed me as I walked in behind a person with no arms. I couldn't see her expression from here, but she was trembling in fear, quivering from head to foot.

Though, I had to admit, I would be terrified in her shoes, too. A horned creature-thing with huge wings was standing infront of her. I clasped my hand over my mouth to smother the gasp that escaped through my lips, but I wasn't quick enough.

The girl fainted as the horned thing turned towards me, a frown on it's face.

"W-what are you?" I whispered hoarsely, completely forgetting, for the moment, my urgent need to pee.

The End

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