Flames Calm

We stopped our tricks when the staring match began. As the one that apposed Ara went out of the room, I heard Ara growl even more at the unconscious thing that radiated such an evil aura. I went to Ara, and stood in front of him. His eyes met mine. I took his hands, and fire ran like liquid from my arms onto his. It licked around my arms, and Ara looked suspicious. Fire leapt onto his arms, and he growled. It danced around him, flames becoming like water of red flowing and running like streams over our locked hands and bodies.

I smiled, and let go of Ara. The fire left, and Ara just stared at me, like something incredible to behold. I went to the child, and sat by her.  I made a butterfly  flutter around the  room for her.  She smiled,  and looked at me.  I clicked my finger, and the butterfly disappeared. With one of her less ice cream-covered fingers, she touched one of mine. a little fountain of sparks flew into the air, and a little fire flower crown made itself in the air. I reached for it, and placed it on the child's head.

The End

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