Team terror

"Back off Sunshine!" I scowled. The little girl looked rather confused sat on the chair whithout me underneath her. The two who seemed to be good with elements were obviously quick enough to have followed what I just did and were watching rather intently whilst still messing about with their abilitys. The others in the room seemed a little stunned however by what had just occured and how I went from one second humming to a child who appeared to be painting her face with ice cream, to standing very threateningly infront of the girl with no arms.

Both my longswords were out and were held at neck height in an X . The point where they crossed was just under her nose and I could see her eyes widen as she froze mid step. I apparently wasn't the only one. Ara was also beside me Scowling and looking very menacing. Seemed we could both sence a little something from this one.

I've had enough of this. First my Bently breaks down, Second I end up here, Thirdly I had myself all reved up to kill some evil ass, If I have to end up stuck here in cuirque du bloody Freak! With that thing pestering people for limbs, then She will do! 

Ara growled more and didn't back away so neither did I. Stcuk in a staring match. Somehow I didn't think the no arms thing was all that would be weird about her. She had to have something that made her resonate the presence she did.

The girl with no arms fainted. Probably because her welcome wasnt exactly welcoming, I supose neither was her entrance so hell with it.

I sheethed my swords again.

"Now where do I get rum from in this place Jeeze!" I marched off through a door. People turned their heads and gave eachother weird looks in the next room.  "I think shes just haveing a hard time accepting her authour left her here" They murmered. I wipped out my blackberry again.

1new message. Blaze

Oh great so I cant contact my author but I can still contanct people in my old story. Great, just great. I had to find a way out of here.

I heard Ara growl loudly and menicingly again and ran back into the room where everyone else sat.

The End

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