Back Off!

"Arms for the poor?" asked the thing that had just entered the room, it's pitiful face looking entreatingly at the group.

Ara snorted angrily, the bad-feelings coming from this thing were so tangible he could almost smell them. This was bad, this creature reeked of badness. A curse perhaps? Or was this thing just plain evil?

Whatever it was, Ara did not like it.

Half unfurling his wings, he took half a step forward, baring his teeth threateningly and snarling. He glared at the creature, yellow eyes like daggers, warning it off and daring it to try attacking anyone.

If it did, he would be on it before it could breathe.

Back off you evil little monster. Don't make me do you any damage. If you so much as look at anyone wrongly, I will happily tear your lungs out of your ribcage.

So, unless you have a death-wish, I reccomend you back off.

The creature looked at him, eyes wide in fear. Ara pinned his ears back and growled deeper. It's facade wasn't fooling him, he could smell it's badness.

And nothing it did would convince him otherwise.

The End

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