The Magic Room

I pushed open the black door, ignoring the symbol that changed as I looked at it.

Although I knew Leigh really wanted to try out this room, I knew more about it than she did. I should test it first, because I knew the dangers.

I walked over to a brass panel on one wall.

"A black biro, please," I said, and instantly one appeared in front of me.

Now what? Ah yes, the payment.

"Thanks," I said, and took from my pockedt a paperclip. Okay, so it wasn't much, but I knew that it didn't matter what you gave as long as you gave something. I placed it on a small shelf by the bronze panel.

If you had nothing ... maybe there was something else you could give. I thought for a minute, then spoke.

"Room, I would like an answer to my question."

There was silence. Then a voice whispered, "What is your question?"

As it said that, a golden mist seemed to appear - I guessed that that was where the voice came from.

"If one has nothing to give, what will the Room take from them?"

Unearthly laughter filled the Room.

"Blood," it replied. "Their soul; the hair on their head; the clothes on their back." There was a long silence.

"Isn't there anything else?" I whispered, my voice strangled with fear.

"Stories. Words." I did not make a noise, eager to hear what it would tell me.

"If they give us their story, we will let them go."

I left the room, still pondering. What did that mean?

I ran into Leigh as I left.

"I need to tell you the rules of the Room," I gasped out, desperate that she should not fall into their trap.

The End

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