What's This?

After reaching the top of the stairs Geoff turned to see the girl with the two swords running back down. That was weird. I thought she wanted to come.

'Maybe she thought better of it after getting a good look at you.'

Geoff ground his teeth and turned back, starting to walk down the corridor. It was dark; but there was a weak light above a door down the way. But he couldn't see Leigh. Had she gone in? He hoped not. He turned around again to check the hallway to the stairs; nothing. Huh. She must have gone in. Geoff turned back to head towards the light, when Leigh, who looked a little flustered but bright-eyed, burst from the darkness of the hall.

'Sorry, excuse me.' She gushed, speaking fast, then ran back down the stairs.

Right. That was even wierder. Is there something going on downstairs I don't know about?

'Probably. Perhaps a party to celebrate your absence?'

'Shut it Tol.' Geoff sighed again and made his way back down to the main room; something told him that entering that room alone was not a good idea.

As he reached the bottom he saw everyone huddled together by the fire, but still in their seperate groups in which they had obviously arrived. Geoff was intrigued by the two tall beings; a woman and man, obviously powerful but very calm; no aggressive force came from them. The woman caught him examining their faces and smiled warmly. Geoff blushed slightly and moved around the room. Near the door was a small child, who was being nursed by the woman with the swords...what was her name?

'Elira numbskull. Do you not listen to anything?'

'Right. Thanks.' He growled.

He looked again and saw Leigh knelt beside her too; she was talking about ice cream. The little girl's tear-streaked face lit up and she nodded. This tender moment was interrupted by a loud beeping from Geoff's collar.

'Oh Flint.' He cursed. He looked at his watch; his power was 4%. If he didn't want to loose his power and return to natural form; which could be very dangerous in this environment; he needed food, and fast. He glanced up at the map above the fire; there was a knive and fork symbol in the room two doors down from this main one. It was his best bet.

'Better get a move on flitter-bug, or your wings are going to spring out. As if you need another reason for people to think your a freak.'

Cheers. Nancy tail.

'Oi.' Tol grumbled into his ear.

He headed out of the room to the left down the corridor, so unaware of his surroundings that he bumped; quite vigorously, into Leigh.

'Hi.' She spoke sheepishly. Geoff didn't want her of all people to see him in his natural form. She might...well...

'Might what? Go off you? I don't think she was ever on you. Ha.' Tolstoff jibed, sniggering heartily.

'Shut up pony.' Geoff mumbled under his breath.

Leigh stared at him curiously.

“Would you help me get ice cream and hot cocoa for everyone?'

Rather taken aback by this offer, but seeing the upside of getting some kind of human food inside of him, he accepted.

'Um, sure, yeah.' He spoke quietly.

She lead the way down the hall and turned into a door on the left.

'I figure we’ll look in the kitchen first before we try that magic room.'

She said as she flipped the old light switch in the room. The light crackled on to show a large room; a kitchen with old stone tiles at the far end, with a large iron stove and a huge white fridge. The counters were marble; but dusty. The cupboards were a dark wood to match the huge mahogany table that sat to the right of the main kitchen, with at least ten chairs around it.

'Perfect.' He heard Leigh say under her breath.

She moved over to the fridge and pulled it open. Geoff moved to the cupboards and opened one.

'Its -'

'Empty.' Leigh finished. She looked puzzled and rather annoyed. She closed it again.

'I really fancied some ice-cream too.'

'Yeah, cocoa sounded pretty appealing as well.' Geoff replied. The lights flickered and Leigh quivered. She looked at Geoff and then back at the fridge. She pulled it open.

'Wow. Now that is cool.' She moved aside to show three racks of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream boxes, the swirling cold air meeting the warm. Geoff turned and pulled the cupboard open. There was at least twenty jars of cocoa sat on the shelves.

'Interesting. It seems to respond to what you want. That's very handy.'

'Very. It's all so strange...I don't quite know what to think.' Leigh sighed as she pulled out a few cartons of vanilla.

'Hmm. Don't question it. It might get upset.' Geoff smiled and turned on the tap to fill the kettle.

'It? What do you mean It?' Leigh questioned.

'The house. It's obviously enchanted. It's why we can't get out. We're here for a reason. Maybe we're not abandoned by our 'authors'. They've put us here. On purpose.' The words Tolstoff had said to him earlier played around his mouth easily. Yes. We are here on purpose.

Leigh smiled back, a little puzzled, but seemed excited. She grabbed a few spoons from the drawer and turned.

'Well, better serve this up.' She made her way back to the main room with a spring in her step.

'She seems perky.' Tol commented.

'Yeah.' Geoff grinned. Maybe this wasn't so bad a place after all.

The End

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