Fire Dazzle, Water Flow

"Ugh, I'm so bored!" I whispered. I heard Ara squeak in the shadows. I looked, and went over to him. I reached my hand to him, and he shrunk away, and closed his eyes. I touched his shoulder, and pulled him out of the shadows. I smiled to him, and sat back with Sealantus. Ara was staring at me, as if not believing anyone wouldn't be scared of him, least of all touch him.

Most everyone was crowded round the talking frog, and I felt irritated. Sealantus wasn't too fond of frogs either, when a mischeivious smile spread across his face. I looked at him, one eyebrow raised. He pointed his finger, and a bubble of water appeared. It floated over to the table, the dropped. It splashed, and we both heard spluttering. Sealantus hugged himself to stop from shaking and bursting out in laughter. "Who did that?!" asked the frog, still spluttering. Everyone eyed me. I threw up my hands.

"I control fire, not water!" I laughed. Sealantus and I stood, and we started to show our performance that we had made. I made fire lick around my arms and hands, making it fly, and I touched a finger to the ground near Ara. A flower bloomed there, made of purely fire. Sealantus made the water slither around his shoulders like a snake, making it leap and twist. We threw our element at each other, and Two figures dance around the room; one of fire, one of water. I picked the fire-flower from the floor, which now looked like one in my crown, and I took Ara's hand, and dropped it in. I smiled, and we continued with our performance, and would untill someone told us to stop.

The End

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