Further Embarrasment

Upon seeing the speech bubble emerge from the girl's mouth, Ara started questioning his sanity. That by far outweighed all the wierdness he'd seen so far.

But still, it was only a small child. What was it doing here? Shouldn't it have gone the other way, towards the place that smelt of sickeningly sweet flowers and was practically crawling with happy-thoughts. Happy-thoughts that had made Ara want to retch as they cloyed at his mind.

Evidently the frog wasn't the only one that had got lost on the way here.

Curious, Ara stepped away from the fireplace and walked around the back of the chairs, trying to make himself look inconspicious so as not to scare the new arrival. He had a knack for creating that effect on people.

He was doing pretty well, staying close to the shadows as he moved around the room.

But then he heard a loud creak come from the door he was passing. Ara jumped at the sudden sound, making a high-pitched squeak of surprise as he whipped around. The noise was a lot louder thann he intended and now, of course, everyone was looking at him.

Brilliant. Now they all think I'm schizophrenic as well.

So much for trying NOT to look like a total freak of nature.

The End

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