Ice Cream and Hot Cocoa for Everyone

Leigh's head had immediately popped up at the child’s... wail? No, it was more like a cartoon bubble, but she still heard it, somehow. She came down the stairs, nearly bumping into the same guy she had before.

“Sorry, excuse me,” she mumbled.

Kneeling beside the woman who’d gone to comfort the child, Leigh asked, “Do you want any ice cream?” the little girl’s head nodded vigorously. Ice cream always works. Leigh turned around to go ponder the map. In doing so she noticed the frog, which had the most pleading look on its face.

“Did you want some ice cream too?”

“Yes,” the frog croaked and nodded.

“And maybe some hot cocoa.” It felt like that kind of night, or was it day, to Leigh. She looked around the room. “Anyone else?”

The horned winged beast in the corner looked mighty scary, bared teeth and all. It nodded. Never judge a book by its cover Leigh told herself. After all didn’t she enjoy the duplicity of being Biker chick and just you average airline worker? Only she wasn’t an airline worker anymore. There were a few more nods. Mental count in her head, Leigh turned back to the map.

There was a kitchen and then there was the room where you could make things. Though utterly curious about that room she decided to try the kitchen first. Turning around she nearly bummed into the same guy again. This was getting to be more than coincidence.

“Hi,” she heard him muttered something to himself. “Would you help me get ice cream and hot cocoa for everyone?”

“Um, sure, yeah.” He nodded, only to mutter again. Leigh looked at him curiously for a moment, before setting out.

“I figure we’ll look in the kitchen first before we try that magic room.” She felt more confident now, she had a purpose and she was helping people. She wasn’t sure about this whole author thing, or a magic room. But if there was magic here, then maybe Leigh’s childhood dreams were coming true; if in a very odd and unexpected fashion. After all there was a one horned beast here, though she wouldn’t count it as the unicorn she’d always wanted to see.

The End

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