A 'not quite' Mother's touch

Evil creature, child. Evil creature child.

My head darted between the two. My longswords itched to be embedded in this beings brain, if it had one. The other creatures in here although they seemed freakish all apeard to be freindly. I wasn't too sure about the new one.

Still my second option was to run and comfort the small child.

Instict verses instinct. Nobody else seemed to be appeasing either of them so I decided to go to the child. Besides that way if what ever had just walked in tried to attack the child I could satisfy both my latest cravings.

"Hush." I made comforting noises as I held and comforted the child. She cried into my shoulder. As a mother myself I had gotten quite good at this. Well technically not a mother but an aunt. Bringing up my dead sisters child, oh and not mentioning that the girl I had brought up had no idea that I was her aunt.

All she thought was that we ( as in the whole comunity at the "base") had just taken her from the orphaage when we realised she was just a little different. Extraordinary was more the right word but she still didn't know it.

Ok so I was probably more like an older sister to her, still it doesn't change the fact I was with her while she grew up, through all of it.

The biker woman, Leigh. knelt down leaned over us and aked the little girl if she wanted an ice cream. The girl nodded through her sobs. The frog also looked up at Leigh with a pleading look in her eyes. Ok then, two ice creams comming up.

The little girl had stopped crying and was now huddled up to me in my lap. I had chosen a large comfy chair that wouldn't stain too easily if she spilt some.

"Now you two." I asked, directing the question at the frog and the child.  "Why on earth did you pick this way. Didn't you read the signs? " Ok so I'm not really a horror or such charachter myself but I would pick this place filled with the strange to downright nasty over unicorns and happy elves anyday.

The End

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