Jyll stepped out of the doorframe, startled to see a large forest

instead of the small playground the door was supposed to lead to.

Frightend, she turned back, but the door was gone. Clutching her

stuffed blue rabbit, she shudered in the darkness. Being 6 years

old, her deepest fear was the dark. As she started to cry from

fright, she noticed a small light shineing in the darkness. Like a

moth to a candel she started heading towards it. As she got closer,

the pathway split in two and each side had a sign. Unable to read,

she continued to follow the path with the light. Finaly, her pink

pajamas drenched from the rain, she came to the light and saw it

was a coming from a small house. She reached for the handle

and slowy opened it. She walked inside and saw the most fightening

sight she had ever seen. Strange creatures and oddly dressed

people stared up at her as she came in. She tried to leave, but the

door would not open for her. Realiseing she was trapped, she

burst into tears, and tride to call out for her author. But, to her

supprise (and to most of the people in the room) no sound came

out. Instead, the printed words "I want my authie" flew out of her

mouth and hovered in the air a few moments before fadeing


The End

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