After taking stock of Misha and silently sympathising with his distress, Geoff turned once again to the crowd. Perhaps Tolstoff was right, maybe he should talk to these people and find out what was going on.

'Yes. You see, I am always right.' The voice rumbled smugly in his ear.

'And you're always there, that annoying, grating voice in my head. Silly nag.' Geoff replied.

He heard a half-whinney half-growl; Geoff inwardly guffawed, taunting this centaur was the highlight of his missions. Although Tolstoff could reciprocate by kicking the proverbial boot in, Geoff enjoyed the banter. It calmed him, knowing he had a friend to reassure him.

'Beautiful sentiment, Geoff, you're making me blush. Now get to and and take a look around.'

Oh Christ. He enjoyed the comfort of his voice, but he hated that he could get into his head. Oh well, better start exploring.

Just then he heard a voice cry out

'Where's Leigh, the biker girl?'

It was the girl who had been talking about the 'authors' whoever they were. Geoff went over to her.

'Leigh...that's the red haired femal- I mean, girl, right?'

'Yeah, she was talking about making petrol? I didn't quite understand it, but she was awful interested in that room I mentioned.'

'Room? What room?'

Hola sighed.

'Have you not been listening? There's a room here; I've heard about it. If you go inside you can become anything, do anything. Maybe she's gone to take a look, not that she'll have much luck. There's a spell on the door.'

'Right. A spell. That's helpful. Tol, do you know anything about this?' He grumbled as he adjusted his neckpiece. His power was fading; he'd need to eat something to strengthen himself.

'Who are you talking to?' Hola interrupted his thoughts. Geoff looked up at her. Her brow was furrowed and confusion filled her eyes.

'Oh, er. Well -'

'Just tell her Geoff. She's not a threat. And you're going to have to take normal form soon, you're power is way low.'

Geoff grumbled under his breath, then took a large breath.

'It's my operator. I have an earpiece installed so I can communicate with my base on missions. But he can't find our location on the database...'

'Of course he can't. It's the middle of nowhere.' Hola seemed unphased by this new information.'No one can find us here. We've been sent here by our authors.'

Geoff paused. Right. Our authors. He then remembered; Leigh.

'I'm going to find that girl, she shouldn't try that door alone.' Geoff got up and headed towards the stairs.

'Hey, you! Where are you going?' A young woman shouted. She was heavily armed with two large swords across her back.

'I'm going to find Leigh. And this infamous door.' Geoff returned. He eyed her weapons wearily; she looked as though she knew how to use them well.

'I'm coming. I can't just stand here any longer.'

'Suit yourself.' And they turned together up the stairs.

The End

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