So Many New Faces...

Ara, having recovered from his shock at hearing a frog talk, swiftly took stock of the new arrivals in the room. Okay, so that made Geoff, the nutter with the exploding stick, the frog, and another person who had just come in, whom he presumed to be the "Misha." He'd heard the name from one of the snatches of conversation he'd picked up.

Feeling slightly freaked out by all the new people, and all this talk of Authors, whatever they were, Ara slunk over to the corner beside the fireplace and stood there, wings curled hard against his back, eyes wide, and teeth bared slightly, as he always did when he got nervous.

There were so many new people in here, all complete strangers and all part of the most bizarre array of creatures he had ever seen. Not that he could really talk.

None the less, this was slightly freaky. Even for Ara.

The End

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