Where is Leigh?

Hola looked around the room as the new guy came in. He walked in and helped the guy who talks to himself up. She walked over to him and was able to hear the last thing he said.

"...Maybe someone could help me out, I think I'm lost."

Hola replied: "Well you  must of been abandoned by your author to land here, for one. This is the hideout for misfit characters. Personaly I can't remember anyone's names I haven't been here for more than a day, and I was the third person-thing here."

Hola looked around the room.

"Look," Misha said, his voice strained, "You aren't helping me enough. I want to know where I am, Author sent me here for a vacation, and I don't think I'm in the right place. You're all a bunch of lunatics!"

"Well if you're here, your author dosn't have a place for you. And- hey wait a minuite, where's Leigh, the biker girl?!"

The End

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