I think scared that poor girl pretty bad when I walked into the house, but if a tall, skinny man with a gaunt face covered in black stubble and mud came walking into a room with a loaded Krinkov and a long oilskin coat, I think I'd be a little worried too.

All that I knew about this place is that Author had sent me through the woods to get here, I didn't even know that there would be other people in here in the house until I saw the smoke from the chimney and the motorcycle out front. Author only said that he wanted me to stay here for a while, until he had more work for me, that I should consider it a vacation.

What worried me was how the door closed behind me like it did, but I didn't have time to dwell on that; some of the other people here weren't what I'd call normal, and they seemed to be crowded around a frog on a table...

The End

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