I'm just going to come out straight away and tell you. So you don't think I'm deceiving you.

I'm a frog.

Yes, yes, yes. Freida. Freida the frog.

Damn you author.

So now that I've got that over with, what was I doing in the Hideout For Misfit Characters. Ok. Here goes.

I'm from a kids story. I used to be the Queen's royal adviser. I used to help my author's self-portraying character in all kinds of adventures. But slowly my Queen grew up.

At first, the Queen stopped helping her subjects and started listening to rock bands, that I helped her to start. Then she didn't need me any more.

She just left me. In the middle of an adventure. I was watching my Queen and Prince Johnny Coleman (hottie from school) dancing on the front lawn. Then she stopped writing me.

So I found myself on a path. A path with a sign.

"Welcome to the Hideout for Misfit Characters". Below this, 2 more signs, one scary looking, and one with a picture of a rainbow on.

The scary one "Horror, fantasy and sci-fi characters only"

The rainbow one "This way for kiddy character corner!"

And then I snapped. My Queen grew up. And now I was too.

So I took the scary sign's directions into the scariest woods I'd ever seen.

And I ended up here. I saw the house- and walked in. You see, my Queen never let me into any danger- she had a knight to save us both all the time. How was I meant to know I could be endangering myself?

The door opened and I hopped into the room. No-one saw me at first. No-one ever sees me at first. Not even my Queen towards the end. Then everyone looked down. And then what did they do?

I'm a talking kids-story frog in a scary horror-character only house.

Of course, they laughed.

The End

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