A Not-So-Friendly Welcome

When the door banged open behind them, Ara almost had a heart attack. A figure stood in the doorway, looking very threatening and holding something strange in his hand.

Oh joy. Now we have crazy people come to join us. Could this day get any better?

Ears pinned back against his head, fangs bared and muscles tensed to spring, Ara narrowed his eyes at the newcomer. The figure looked back at him, looking slightly alarmed. Ara growled deep in his throat, half agressive, half panicked. Whatever the new arrival wanted, he didn't like the smell of it.

Why has no-one else noticed? Hello, some insane nutcase has just blasted his way in here, are you going to do anything about it?

Evidently not.

Not taking his eyes off the newcomer, Ara approached him cautiously at looked him up and down before asking in a low and dangerous voice:

"What do you mean by blasting in like that? Coming in the normal way not dramatic enough for you? Or do you intend to shoot us all and use our hides as trophies?"

Because, if so, I'll rip your throat out before you can so much as breathe.

The End

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