He hit the floor with a thud. His face seemed to be embedded rather nicely in a muddy patch of grass and he could feel heavy raindrops assaulting his back. He groaned. Great. He thought. Just what I needed. Tolstoff will be laughing on the other side of his face when -

'No Geoff, I don't think I will.'

Oh bleeding Nora.

A voice clear and crisp poured into his ear. His operator was still with him. At least he was still in his own realm.

'Well isn't that an enormous comfort. I have a sarcastic pony-boy to keep me company.' Geoff grumbled. His voice was coarse and worn; where was he?

'I'm trying to fix your co-ordinates now pixie-wings, but there seems to be some sort of magnetic field blocking me out...interesting...'

Geoff's face flared and his jaw tightened. Pixie-wings. Pah. How original. He pushed himself up to examine his surroundings. Not much to see by the looks of it. There was a wide expanse which seemed to stretch forever yet was veiled in sheets of rain.

'Phew. Well at least there's a view.' He turned again. Up on a hill in the distance seemed to be house; large and rather crooked, but there was light from within and by the looks of the smoking chimney a warm fire too. Was that there before? He didn't remember. Nor did he care. He was cold and wet.

'Tol, I'm going to check out a house ahead, for shelter, until, you, well, just find me. Tell Flix...tell her not to worry.' His disgruntled voice faded as he began to march up the slight incline towards the house. Unsure as to what or who resided in the place, Geoff thought a more moderate appearance would be appropriate. He clicked a button on his neckpeice and his blue skin rippled back to a porcelain white and his battered wings seemed to disappear under his black body suit. Better.

He approached the large wooden door and knocked. No answer. He knocked again. Voices could be heard from inside, and a large banging, which sounded as though something large had been thrown down the stairs alarmed him. He armed himself with his stun device and burst in through the door.

'What's going on in here?' He demanded, as a number of eyes from a number of different faces turned to him with an incredulous look.

'And you are?' A voice came from the crowd, probably from the horned male who seemed to be nursing an injury.

'Nice entrance pal.' Droned a gleeful Tolstoff.

The End

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