Dropping the persona

"I am Elira. I need two swords because I have two hands. It also means I can decapitate at least two people at once. I would advise you to have four." I bluntly stated. I had little patience for people I did not know, and was unlikely to meet again. Who do you claim to be child?"  It cringed as I called it child. A steely look was cast out over all of the beings that appeared to be here.

"Who do you think you are!" It asked me, well more stated at me.

I repeated "I am Elira." I still said cold as stone. Nobody apeared to answer to my statement Obviously they wern't aware of me. I could relax and ditch the outershell.

I tried again. This time with emotion in my voice.

"Please, I am Elira and I need to know where I am. I can't contact my authour or anything." They all took steps back. Great now they think I have a split personality.

Eventually a woman who appeared normal stood forwards.

"Apparently this is the hideout for misfit charachters."

"I am NOT misfit! I have a story, I have three infact!"

"When was the last time your authour wrote you?"

I sighed, "Quite a while. She hasn't forgotten about me but I guess I don't have a place then."  I had realised I wasn't going anywhere. Its just when my Bently had started to run I thought something was begining at least. "So where are you all from then?"

I looked around as they all seemed a little reluctant to answer.

The End

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