I sat on the roof. One knee drawn up infront of me so I could rest my arms on its boney joint, the other hanging on the slanted roof tiles. The glinting hilts of my long swords carefully strapped into their velvet sheeths in an X across my cloaked back were caught in a light in the distance. I hoped whom-so-ever the light belonged to would not see me. The sight of a petit egyptian woman on a roof in the middle of God knows where may have driven them to insanity.

The sharp cutting wind picked up once more, sweeping my raven hair backwards. The Bently had broken down quite some miles back, I couldn't even see it in the distance anymore. Of all the places it could have chosen. The most trustworthy stable car I could have picked didn't even have the grace to break down somewhere that appeared to be inhabited. 

I began to listen in to voices in the house below. May I add it appeared to be the only civilisation in sight. Murmurs were what little I could hear over the deafening gusts of powerful wind.

I had a tendancy for leaving things places, so I checked all my pockets. Especially the large looser ones my huge black coat contained. I liked this coat, it reminded me of the matrix. You never really forget the things that enthralled you as a child. Besides, Keanu Reeves, YUM!  

  • Swords, Check,
  • Frying Pan, Check,
  • Posion, Check,
  • Pen knife, Check
  • Blackberry, Check,
  • I-pod, Check...

I continued to run through all I recalled bringing from the Bently with me. I fliped out my Blackberry. As the screen splattered with water I managed to find the signal strenght meter, no signal. I couldn't even contact my authour. Looks like my only option is to head inside.

I closed my eyes and saw from very close to foot level. I still wasn't sure what happened to my clothes or weapons when I became a cat. I supose their arn't many scientists to find out either. I dont have a species I guess. I am one of Five sisters, very interesting sisters. Well I was, I appear to be the only one left.

Dropping off the roof I softly padded my way to the door. Great, no catflap. I turned back up again which was annoying to have to do. The door didnt appear to have a handle so I gently shoved it. Nothing happened, but I had seen it open for others going in. So I did what normally works with people, I glared. A catch unlocked on the inside and timidly the door crept open. I hoped the rest of the house liked me more than the door seemed to.

The End

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