Well That Didn't Work...

Ara practically fell over laughing at the suggestion. Get to the roof? Easy. There were such things as stairs after all. Snickering to himself, he walked casually up the steps and pushed open the door at the top.

And promptly came crashing back down the stairs again.

Landing in an untidy heap and emitting several colourful cusses, Ara glared at the door, which had somehow managed to close itself again.

Baka! Baka baka baka! Damn that stinking door, damn it to Hell and beyond. Baka baka baka, that hurt.

Scrambling untidily to his feet, still snarling, Ara looked back at the room's occupants, who were looking at him half-shocked, half-laughing at his episode on the stairs.

"Well that worked brilliantly," said Ara sarcastically, rubbing his bruised elbow, "Anyone else got any bright ideas?"

And remind me never to go near those damned stairs again. Next time I am definately going for the window.


The End

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