Leigh's Introduction

Leigh stopped staring at the map and looked at Kathryn.

“The house won’t let you out?” she asked perplexed. Leigh immediately sat herself upon the nearest chair. “So I can make myself some,” she paused, “petrol, but I can’t even get it outside into my bike?”

Leigh heaved a big sigh. “Great, just great.” She hung her head in her hands, her deep auburn hair cascading around her face.

All she wanted to do was ride her motorcycle. How had she ended up in this place anyway? Come to think of it, she couldn’t remember any of the roads.

Leigh looked up at Kathryn, head still in her hands. “I suppose it always rains here too.” Kathryn nodded. Now if the song Hotel California was playing, the picture would be complete.

She took stock of all the people, if you could call them that, in the room and sighed. When she was younger Leigh had dreamed about having magical adventures, but not quite like this.

Just go with it a quiet voice in her mind whispered. Right, go with it, she thought back.

Pushing herself out of the chair, Leigh stood (only five foot six inches without her riding boots on). “My name’s Leigh,” she stated bowing slightly to everyone. Shaking hands didn’t seem like to appropriate thing to do.

The End

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