Come outside ...

I walked over to the door, wondering whether I would be able to see if anyone else was on their way. I mean, it would be useful to have a bit of warning what might turn up next. The door opened easily, but as I went to step forward it was as though an invisible barrier had thrown me back.

"What was that?" I gasped. I'd read about this. It was part of the legend, after all.

You see, this isn't just a place for characters to rest and find themself a story. This is a place ... well ... where characters are put to keep them out of the way. Unless you've got another offer, you have to stay put.


This place is a prison.

I went back into the room, to talk to the new arrivals.

"Hi! I'm Kathryn. And by the way, this house won't let you out."

The End

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