Sealantus and Flamara


As we walked through the rain, steam rose from my sister and lover’s hair. She was beautiful, and everyone had said it was an impossible love, but we had got by. And now we were lost.

Flamara had soot black skin, red-brown eyes, and fiery red hair that reached the bottom of her back. She wore a red and gold silken ball gown, cloak and a ringlet of fire-flowers upon her head. Her delicate, child-like arm was wrapped around my looped arm, and every so often, she would complain about the rain, and then apologize. I don’t blame her for her complaints. After all, she was the Queen of Fire.

I myself don’t mind the rain, which is again, understandable, since I am Sealantus, King of Water. I have pale blue skin, almost white, turquoise eyes, and messy dark blue hair. I wore loose ocean blue robes, and a crown of drenched anemones.

We reached a small house, with a sign on the door. “It says, ‘The Hideout for Misfit Characters’.” Flamara said. I pushed open the door, and we stepped in. We closed the door on the cold, wet dusk, and I helped Flamara take off her cloak, and place next to the biker’s suit. We walked into the main room, looking almost human.

In the room, there was a Human, a Halfling, or Halfbreed as they call themselves, and an unconscious mutant, or whatever it was. The Human rushed up to us, and groaned, “You’re Humans, aren’t you?!” The fire by which the Halfling was sat had nearly gone out, so Flamara shot a fire ball into it, and relit it. I shook my head at the Human. Flamara and I sat down, while the human slumped into the chair and sighed.




The End

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