Awake again

Slowly I awoke. The first thing that noticed was, my head hurt. The second thing was that I was somehow slumped in a chair. I heard voices but couldn't make out what they were saying. My head realy hurt.

As I starting being able to see again, my eyes picking up a bit of detail, I sat up, holding my head. The world swam in front of me! Wow to fast! There was this noise, someone trying to speak to me perhaps?

As the room became more pronounced I relized there were three other people with me in this house, I knew I had to come here, that I had reached the right place. I just didn't know who was here with me. My head stopped spining after a few seconds and I was able to make out the people it the room. Two of them were human, the other... I just couldn't... I had no idea what it was, it was most certianly not human! It had a horn in the middle of it's head, and wings three times bigger than my own. Although they probaly didn't know I had wings since they fit under my tshirt.

My first thing to say in this house was probally not the beast thing to say... "Who the hell are you?!" I asked the thing with horns, "And why the hell do you have a horn on your head?" It probaly wasn't the best thing to say, one of the other "normal" people in the house came to his defence.

"You're one to talk, considering that you have another set of arms attached to your elbows!"

The End

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