We Have Company...

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the table crashed over. Amid the wreckage was another human. Or at least, I hoped it was a human.

I strode over to it, looking at it in a confused manner. It appeared to have been knocked out. Not surprising seeing as a large and heavy-looking vase had just landed on its head. That's gonna hurt in the morning.

Then I noticed that this new arrival was not entirely normal either. A second pair of arms seemed to protrude from its elbows. I blinked, slightly confused and alarmed, but not too worried. Second pair of arms, no biggie. It'd seen wierder.

Probably by looking in a mirror.

Cautiously, I nudged the thing with one foot. It didn't move. I nudged a little harder, just to be sure. Still no movement.

I groaned and half-carried-half-dragged the new arrival to a chair before presently dumping it in the seat. It'd wake up soon enough.

And would probably have a heart attack when it saw it's roomates.

The End

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