Don't ask me how it happened but I drank this can of something and now I have a second pair of amrs with their own hands procucing frommy elbows, also I have a pair of very small wings on my back. The wings I have no idea where I got them from they just appeared, but don't support me very well in te air. I don't know how many times I have reapeted that story! I don't know what is so wrong with me that gave me these abnormalties, but I have them.

It's totally soaking here, but I used to that. Where I came from it was always wet. My destination loomed in front of me casting a shadow over the already dark rain cloud above my head.

I was kind of nevous about all this I didn't go well to being in places I had never been before without someone with me. Slowly I opened the door and crept in trying not to alert anyone that was here to my preasnce. This was hard, I was never good at sneeking. Before I could do anything though once I was inside the door shut with a bang. I jumped bakwards, hiting myself off a side table and falling over it. What an entry! Best one I had ever made (sarcastic). I had just alerted everyone of my incomming! Oh great!

As I lay there on  the floor I tried to get up but just managed to make something fall  and hit me on my head, knocking me out. Oh, great!This was the most embarrasing erntrance in history of entrances!

The End

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