Well, this definately ranks as one of my top ten worst moments.Not only am I now hungry, tired and frustrated with life, but now I'm drenched to the skin to boot.

Ara stalked through the rain, hissing curses in his own language as he did so. He flattened his ears back against his head, the three-inch long appendages now frozen stiff and aching painfully. Wings too were pinned against his back, water dripping off the thick black membranes. The six-inch horn protruding from between his bright yellow eyes also had water dripping off it.

Oh joy, now I have a running tap coming from that useless pointy appendage.

Wet hair dripped into Ara's face, just as black as it had always been but now with rivulets of silver water running off it into his eyes. Looking up momentarily from the muddy track in front of him, Ara saw a small structure in front of him, a building of some kind. That must be the place.

Cautiously, he pushed the door open and walked into the room, immediately giving himself a hard shake, opening his wings and giving them a hard flap to dry them off. He heard a yelp come from nearby and whipped around to see a girl sitting on a sofa, staring at him with the most shocked expression on her face.

Evidently not seen a Halfborn before. Great way to make an entrance Ara, just show her every wierd abnormality you have on you. Why don't you stick your horn through a rafter to show how sharp it is eh? Just to freak her out further.

This really isn't my day.

Blinking rapidly a few times, Ara smiled aplogetically before realising that with incisors the size of daggers that that may not be the best idea.

"Er, hi." he said lamely, suddenly feeling distinctly awkward. "Umm, sorry about the water. It's wet out there."

Oh great, this day just gets better and better doesn't it?

The End

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