the hideout for misfit characters

Ever made a brilliant character, only to be told "they weren't right for the story"?

Ever thought, "this story is getting old, but I love my character"?

This is the place for those characters - the ones with no story. The ones you love and can't bear to cast off.

In the past, you might have dumped your character on the Protagonize Bus. But with 600+ chapters, it's really not feasible to start reading now.

So this is the place for your character.

A few rules and guidelines ...

  1. This is a house in the middle of nowhere
  2. It can only be reached by magic or on foot
  3. Characaters that get here may find it hard to leave ...
  4. You must ask another writer's permission before you kill off their character
  5. Please do no more than 2 posts in quick succession. I.e. double posting is allowed (I do it all the time) but no more that two, please
  6. Your character can be anything - any creature, or a human being ... whatever you want.

All characters welcome - just push open the door!

I daresay the plot will be somewhat ... organic.

The End

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