Max Prowler

Max sat down eating his lunch on the plaster bench in the galley.  The private 2nd class walked up to him and asked "May I sit here sir?"Max nodded.  The private sat down and began consuming his lunch.  Nither man talked.  It was very quiet.  Max then finally said "Private do you ever feel like a outcast?"The private thought for a second and replied"no,sir."  Silence then filled the room once more.  The the private asked another question"why did you join the navy sir?"Max grunted and said"I never wanted to join the navy.  But things didn't go my way."  He cursed and then continued"Things happen private.  Things happen that you don't want"Suddenly a razor sharp fang sythed the private in half in a explotion of blood!  Max charged forward in a surge of speed and dodged another fang!  Almost instantaniously the room filled with water.  It should of crushed Max,but he found himself in one peice and slowly drifting through the open hull.  The last thing he felt was a pare of arms grabbing him.

The End

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