The Heroic Endurance

I know that the title sucks...Please bear with me and read on. I did not aim for a masterpiece, rather a learning experience through my writings. Feel free to criticize constructively.

Being writers, I am sure each of us would have had the experience of sudden inspiration while reading another author's work. This came to me while reading Job 15 and 16 (from the Bible).

I have often questioned the reason for the suffering of Job, a God fearing, righteous man. Reading these two chapters of his life I realized that the suffering brought out Job's heroism.

The true purpose of his suffering was to prove his integrity and faithfulness to God. But Job thinks that God is angry with him for some reason and that was why he was being punished. 

He did not come out of the fire unscathed. He was battered and spoke his share of words - words of despair, hopelessness and pain. He even questions God and curses himself as his pain becomes too much for him to bear.But he was rewarded DOUBLY in the end. Why? Because he endured.

True, that everything except his life was taken away from him. He was left cruelly alive, a lonely man. He cries out against his so called friends "miserable comforters are ye all" (KJV).

But the secret of his endurance lies in the fact that he chose to speak TO God and bang his fists against His chest rather than speaking against Him. 

The End

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