“Kakakaka” the birds cawed from up above. I was panic-stricken as I stood in front of the new house my parents bought. It was in a deserted place somewhere in between Kulau Lumpur and Penang. I slowly took a good look at the house as I walked in and one thing was sure it was that this place was haunted.

          I walked to the front of the door and as my father opened the door, I could hear a creaking noise. Inside I saw cobwebs, cockroaches, lizards and insects. I knew only one thing and one thing only, it was that this house is a haunted.

          As I stepped further into the house I could see a rocking chair moving non-stop then I walked deeper then I shouted “DAD!” I had just seen a ghost. Turned out it was just a coat rack with a white sheet over it. I took in three deep breaths to calm myself down. Then I saw a window which overlooked a deserted school. I just hoped that was not the school for me to study in. Then I took my stuff up to my room in my room there was a bed of spikes and a bookshelf holding just one book and when I tried to push it down it did not budge then I tried pulling it and it moved. The whole bookshelf moved and the next moment I was staring at huge cave system.

 I quickly placed the book back into place and placed my stuff down. After I finished I headed down to the kitchen for lunch, after lunch I told my parents about the cave but of course they did not believe a word I said so I brought them to my room. To my horror the bookshelf had tons of books on it luckily I remembered which book I had taken out just now so I pulled it out and it came falling down. I was sure that this was the book I took down just know but nothing happened. After my parents left the bookshelf went back to one book. I knew that I am going to sleep with my parents today night.


Thank you

Written by:

Karthik Solaiy Meyyapan

The End

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