Badge up. Drink up. Mount up.

Marshal Cain gathers the gunmen at the Devils' Gulch Saloon. Four shots of whiskey wait on the bar. A gold badge sits atop each of the glasses. The group is surrounded by Hangmen encircling the bar. Onlookers sit at the tables in silence.

"By the power vested in me by the government of these United States, I hereby grant you the title of Hangmen. I am not much for ceremony. I am a man of action. You are now a part of a new breed of law men. A brotherhood. No fear. No remorse. We are the reason why criminals are afraid of the dark. Each new Hangman will be assigned a posse. You will lead your group to assassinate a target. The group reports back to me on your actions. If you are successful at your first assignment, you will be cut loose to ride alone, or forge your own posse.

Reece. You are riding with Coffin Joe and Black Feather. Joe is a dirty fighter that likes to be right in the middle of the action. Black Feather is a master of the bow and throwing knives. You three will be hunting Carlos Saint and his three brothers. They are usually found at their hide out, an old mining building about a five day ride North of here. Train robbers, murderers, and kidnappers. Their trademark is explosives.

Rivers. You ride with Anna Star and Bear. Anna is a master at long range shots. Bear is a bit of a berserker with little patience, but when things go South, you can count on Bear to get you out of anything. Your target is Jed Milton, also known as Leather J. He is known to reside in a small town near the Mexican border called SanLupa. He is a rapist and a murderer and is fond of hanging his victims.

Charlie. You ride with Rook and Douglas Tunny. Rook doesn't speak. Matter of fact, you won't even hear him breathe much less make a sound at all. He is a shadow in the dark. All they will see is the flash of his blade. Douglas Tunny is an explosives expert. Both men are quick on the draw. Your target is Sid Greenly. It has been his mission to kill as many Hangmen as he can. We have lost five men by his hand so far. He is crafty and quick on the draw. He rides alone since his reputation of killing his accomplices after a job caught up with him. He haunts a ghost town called Doverfield about six days West.

Tommy. You ride with Valentine and Lobo. Valentine is a crack shot and Lobo, as you can tell, is the muscle. Don't let his size fool you. He can shoot the wings off a fly. Your target calls himself the Priest. He has a small following that live in a temple up in the mountains west of here. It's about a weeks ride and then a day on foot. Kidnapping, murder and extortion, Priest and his cult terrorize the town of Silverspring at the foot of the mountains. Local law can't get to him. You will.

Badge up. Drink up. Mount up. When you finish the job, report back here for your evaluation and your next target.

Welcome to the Hangmen."

The End

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