High Noon

"Reece." I say shaking his hand while sausage fingered Joe laughs at our overconfidence.  I give a civilized smirk in there direction," I hate to be to cocky but bringing down sausaged fingered Joe down is going to my only test I almost feel like a cheater."

"Not your problem you didn't set it up Marshall Cain did." Tommy reply's.

"Thanks, well its been nice making you acquaintance Tommy, but I have few loose ends I must tie up, but I'm quite sure I'll be seeing you tomorrow at High noon tomorrow and since I'll be winning drinks are on me." I smile.

"Yes I'm quite sure I will be seeing you after high noon tomorrow." Tommy say as I walk out of earshot.


In the blistering sunlight I stand an equal distance away from my barrel chested friend Joe Franks, our hands hovering over our revolvers. He carried to as I carried my one.  there was only mere second before on of would be left bloodied on the ground but the question was, who? I was more then confident it would be me walking away but sometimes you can't control what happens. I begin to feel the adrenaline rush from anticipation as the time drove near I begin to stretch and wriggle my fingers just a second before the bells go off.


Everything slowed as I grabbed my revolver and slowly squeezing the trigger while bring it up to my target firing once at his right hand revolver out of his hands then on his chest where it won't kill him. He falls backwards as a bullet whizzes by my jacket. He screams in pain as I put the revolver back in its holster, and turn back towards the saloon. I had just secured my self a position on the Hangmen.

The End

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