Tommy Two Aces

"Sally! I just wanted to proclaim my intentions and let you know I am going to win this competition and keep you busy for months!"

Sally stood in shock clutching her corset and bustle tightly against her half naked body. Her light pink cheeks turned red from blushing. The embarrassment quickly fades and is replaced with anger.

"Tommy! You are a dirty fool! If Russel comes up here and sees you lollygagging in my window, we are both gonna catch the rough side of his belt! Besides, if you ain't paying to be in here, you need to leave!"

Tommy cracked a toothy grin. "I'll be back. Buy some new sheets! I like a clean bed!"

The door to Sally's room rattles loudly as Russel knocks from the other side. "Sally? Who are you talking to in there? You need to get your skinny little butt down here! The saloon is filling up! Sally? Open the dang door!"

Sally looks at the door then quickly spins back to the window. Tommy smiles again and lets go of the window frame with one hand to tip his hat. As he does, Sally steps closer and gives Tommy a little push. With arms flailing, Tommy looses his balance and falls backwards out the window. The enclosure on the back of the saloon interrupts his trajectory briefly before he lands in a cloud of dust on the ground flat on his back. "I should get a discount for this!" he shouts.

The back door to the saloon opens quickly and a large wave of water is launched into the air from a bucket. It crashes down on Tommy, soaking him from head to toe.

"Sorry 'bout that, Tommy. I wasn't 'specting you'd be takin a nap in the alley."

"It's alright, Sam. I was a bit thirsty. Think you could throw whiskey next time?"

Sam shakes his head and grins as he closes the back door. Tommy gets to his feet and shakes himself off like a dog. He checks his revolvers and wipes the fresh mud from the engraved aces on the handles. His dark blue shirt and black pants now stained with earth won't come clean no matter how hard he beats it with his cowboy hat.

"Looks like I won't be going to church today. Might as well find the Lord at the bottom of a shot glass!"

Tommy straightens his hat and walks around the side of the saloon to enter through  the swinging doors.  The bar is filled with rough characters and the poker tables are packed with suckers.

"Sam! Whiskey, a towel and another whiskey!"

Sam nods and wipes down two shot glasses and sets them both in front of Tommy with the towel. The whiskey pours into the glasses as Tommy wipes his face clean.  A grizzled looking gunman steps up to the bar next to Tommy and takes one of the shots.

"Thanks for the drink mud rat."

Tommy grins. He puts the towel on the bar and turns to face the gunman.

"I'll wager you a single hand of cards for two shots."


"One hand of poker for two shots. Can't a couple of lean gunman have a moment or two of civility?"

"Boy, something ain't right in your head."

"Sam, a deck of cards, please."

Sam places a deck on the bar. Tommy begins to shuffle with a finesse only a card shark could master. He deals them both a hand of cards.

"Alright, friend. What are you holding?" Tommy asked.

The gunman laughs as he lays his cards on the bar. "I got me two kings, and they are both thirsty."

"Sorry, pardner. I am holding two aces."

"Lay 'em down so I can see 'em."

Tommy lays his cards on the bar. He is holding nothing.

"You said you had two aces!"

Tommy pulls his pistols lightening fast and points them in the face of the stranger. For a moment, the saloon grows deathly quiet. Tommy grins as he looks around.

"Don't worry, folks. I am a civilized man."

He spins the revolvers in his hands until he is holding the barrels. With a fast draw back, they crash into both sides of the gunman's head, knocking him unconscious.

"Sam. Another whiskey, and bring me that sign up sheet!"

The End

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