I walked up to the jail, dropping the body of the outlaw I had killed on the way in.  I figured there was probably a bounty on him, so I might as well collect it.  The deputy who paid me said that the marshal was looking for some men who could shoot to help him clean up the territory.  He said I should think about signing up down at the saloon.

I said, "I just might do that."

I walked through the swinging doors of the saloon and up to the bar, asking for a bottle of whiskey and a glass.  After having my drink, I signed up on the marshal's list.  I then looked around the saloon and found an empty table to sit at.  A few minutes after I sat down, 3 cowboys came in, and got drinks.  They stood at the bar, looking around intently. They headed for my table.

The leader of the group stopped and said, "A friend of mine said you done kilt my brother, so I'm gonna kill you back."

I drew my left pearl-handled .45 Colt Single Action Army, or Peacemaker, and pointed it at him, responding, "Is that so?  Well, you are welcome to try, but I don't think that you'll get very far in that venture."

"You just wait, drifter, and one of these days I'll kill you." he said, turning to walk out of the bar.

I holstered my revolver and said, "I'll make sure to watch my back then,"   loud enough for everyone to hear me.  It was the ultimate insult, and he turned around, mad enough to draw his pistol and shoot me.

The End

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