Reece Griffen

I take one last drag of a cigarette before leaving it on a ashtray.. My hand rested on a my colt peace maker , with a cocky grin I read the sign agian. This would be interesting why the hell not, I'm a good shot even if I say so myself, I make my way to the bar to speak to the barkeep about siging in for the Hangmen, several men eyeing me closely looking particulary at my strangely cold,observant blue eyes, or my colt,  and the designs engraved in it, trying to look for a signification of my background, while the rest of my figure was hidden under my dark torn, and dirtied leather coat that reach just above my boots. It was both amusing,and annoying bringing attention to one's self.

"One glass of whiskey, and the Hangmen's sheet." I say a little to loudly for some others ears.

"You've got to be kidding me!" A tall, and barrel chested mand laughs behind me grabbing the collar of my jacket pissing me rate of as he turns me around," Your short, and rather a little on the light side of things dontcha think?And to top it off you look like your hiding something."He narrows his eyes down at me. I give a cocky smile grabbing his wrists tightly just enough to give a gasp of pain, and lets go.

"Thank you, guess you feel a bit threatened, and I don't blame you with those sausauge sized hands I doubt you could pull a trigger fast enough to kill the slowest of animals." His face reddens with anger and balls his fist, thinking of a proper way to retalliate as I turn, and sign my name in and grab the glass, just smiling, and waiting for the man to make the first move.

The End

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