The Hangmen of Devils' Gulch

A collab western where writers create their own gunslingers for a contest to join the ranks of the "Hangmen", a group of government sanctioned marshals that hunt down the worst criminals in the U.S.

Kicking aside the dried tumbleweed, you make your way to the saloon doors. The taste of whiskey is the only thing that will drive back the dust and grit that fill the town air. Nailed to the wall next to the swinging doors of the saloon, a challenge has been posted.

"By order of the President of these United States, Marshal Cain has been given authority to enlist new recruits for a special law enforcement task force here on known as the Hangmen. Interested parties should sign in at the Devils' Gulch Saloon. Candidates will participate in duals to prove marksmanship and nerve. Losers of the duals will be given a fully funded funeral and $300.00 will be paid to the next of kin for restitution. Success is met with acceptance into the Hangmen, and a salary of $200.00 a month. Our jurisdiction knows no bounds. Our noose will seek out the most vile of the wanted criminals no matter where they hide. The contest begins soon, so sign up today."

The End

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