Can we make a deal?Mature

"One sec" I say getting up and walking over to the spot Haylo's lying at. I grab a chair and pull it over to sit down.

"I need your assistance" I say pouting. I hate having to ask her like this almost every time we meet.

"Who is it this time?" she asks morphing back and glares at me.

"I like this no more than you do...... Okay you probably find this funny and I hate it more" I say shaking me head. She smiles and its one that would make a human shiver.

"So what are you wanting?" Haylo asks.

"I need you to bring bad luck to the people chasing those three" I say indicating Sophie, Michi and Caleb.

"Hmm, What do I get?"

"To hurt the officials" I say baring my teeth.

"Oh they're officials. Brilliant, I love our little chats Sky"

"I don't" I hiss standing up and walking back to the table.

"What was that about?" Caleb asks.

"Nothing" I say closing my eyes and resting my head back.

"Didn't seem like nothing to me" Michi notes. I shrug and stand up heading towards the door. "Where you going?" One of them shouts.

"I need to calm down I'm going for a flight" I say the walk out the inn and take off ghosting before doing so.

The End

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